The foams of our latex palms

OrZallround latex

Orz allround foam is the foam we choose on all our very high-end gloves. This one has the particularity of its incredible versatility which guarantees an excellent grip in dry as in wet weather and in an incredibly durable way, in exchange for a good maintenance of course.

In addition to the durability of its grip, Orz all-round foam is renowned for its great resistance which allows it to be used extensively on grass and synthetic surfaces. It is a foam that is intended to be suitable for all uses and with a professional quality.

However, the Orz allround mouse, to offer all its virtues, must be pre-washed once or twice, three for the most perfectionists, before the first use to ensure good activation of the grip, especially in wet weather.

contact grip latex

Contact grip foam is perhaps one of the best-known and trusted foams in the goalkeeper glove industry. Contact foam is known for its remarkable versatility, that is, excellent all-weather grip and high abrasion resistance. This foam is used by some of the top brands in the market and is intended for professional use, although its abrasion resistance also allows for more hobbyist use.

At Orzale this mousse is available from…. €. Contact grip foam has a plastic film that must be removed before use, so Contact grip foam gloves do not need to be pre-washed.

SS - Supersoft Latex

Orzale Sport supersoft foam is a versatile foam that is ideal for recreational soccer use. Indeed it is a versatile cut that allows correct grip in all weather conditions, especially when dry, and also decent abrasion resistance. Supersoft foam is particularly designed for the use of the youngest, it is ready to use when receiving the gloves.

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