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Flat seams

The flat cut is the most traditional cut of goalie gloves. It consists of classic exterior seams that wrap around the finger. Flat seam gloves are known to provide good cushioning and flexibility. In addition, the gussets (space between the palm and the back) are made of mesh and thus allow flexibility and breathability to be retained. The flat seam, because it leaves more room in the face, is ideal for wearing barrettes.

This cut does not stretch the foam or expose it on the tops of the fingers and therefore offers better abrasion resistance.

The flat cut is recommended for those looking for security and simplicity. Note that on our Guerrieru RC glove the duo foam provides immense cushioning in addition to the qualifiers mentioned above.

Hybrid roll / rc stitching (Guerrieru Hybrid)

The hybrid rollfinger / RC cut (regular cut) is a mix between the rollfinger cut and the flat cut. The base of the fingers is in a flat seam to offer classic sensations, but on the top of the finger the foam stretches out to go all the way around and thus give the appearance of a rolled up fingertip. This shade allows to slightly increase the grip surface and to bulge the foam which thus allows to have better proximity to the ball and better cushioning.

This cut is recommended for those looking for comfort and cushioning.

Negative seams / classic NC (Guerrieru NC)

The negative cut (NC: negativ cut) is the cut contrary to the flat seam. It works the same way except that the seam is on the inside of the glove on the palm side. Thus the finger is tighter and has a much greater proximity to the ball. The negative cut is extremely popular, especially in the professional and semi-professional world. The gusset, between the back protector and the foam, is made of latex to guarantee good comfort and heat retention.

The foam being stretched over the fingertips and not protected by a seam since it is in the glove is thus a little exposed and will tend to crumble on the fingertips only during the first uses.

This cut is recommended for those looking for simplicity and proximity.

Coutures négatives enroulées ( NEO )aRolled negative seams (NEO)

The NC Neo fit of the Orzale Neo glove is very close to the classic NC fit, except that the gusset is made of mesh and goes all the way around the glove. Thus, the proximity to the ball is much more important and the top of the finger is not exposed to abrasion which makes the glove much more resistant. This cut offers more than any other a feeling of second skin with the ball and considerably improves the technicality of the ball grip.

The NC Néo cut is recommended for those looking above all for a feeling of second skin.


The rollfinger cut is a cut through which the foam passes all around the fingers to considerably increase the grip surface. As the foam is more extended and rounded, it provides significant cushioning and better impact protection, but less proximity. This fit is recommended for those looking for cushioning above all else.

Hybrid Negative Seams - ROLL / NC (Catalyst)

The hybrid rollfinger / negative seam cut is a cut that further increases the proximity of the negative seam. Indeed, it is like a negative cut except that the foam extends to the fingertips to go around it and further increase the proximity and the grip surface. This is the most popular fit for goalkeepers looking for proximity to the ball as it is technical and perfectly combines proximity, comfort and cushioning. The gussets, smaller than in a classic NC fit, are made of mesh to maintain good breathability.

This cut is recommended for those looking for proximity and comfort.

Coiled Hybrid Seams - (UMBRIA)

La coupe hybride Umbria existe, comme son nom l’indique, qu’exclusivement sur le gant Umbria.

C’est une coupe très originale tant elle mélange un ensemble de composants.

aThe Umbria hybrid fit exists, as the name suggests, exclusively on the Umbria glove.

This is a very original cut as it mixes together a set of components.

The index and little fingers are in a negative seam that goes around the glove to give it a rollfinger and NC effect with the added bonus of a return of foam in a flat seam behind these slightly spread fingers to maximize the grip surface. The middle and ring fingers, on the other hand, start in a flat seam (with mesh gussets) and end in rollfinger / NC to increase proximity and cushioning. On the other hand, this incredibly technical cut and close to the hand particularly exposes the fingertips to abrasion.

This cut is recommended for those looking for technicality and proximity.L’index et l’auriculaire sont en couture négative qui fait le tour du gant pour en donner un effet rollfinger et NC avec en prime un retour de mousse en couture plate derrière ces doigts légèrement écartés pour accroître au maximum la surface de grip. Le majeur et l’annulaire quant à eux débutent en couture plate (avec goussets en mesh) et finissent en rollfinger/NC pour accroître proximité et amorti. En revanche cette coupe incroyablement technique et proche de la main expose particulièrement le bout des doigts à l’abrasion.

Cette coupe est conseillée pour ceux qui recherchent technicité et proximité.

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